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Shahina Alvi

Shahina Alvi


As CEO at R.E.A.Dyslexics has been associated with the institute since 1988.

Currently she is also a director of the organization. In addition to this, she is one of the three course leaders for the READ Diploma Course which is a four-month remedial teacher-training program. She also conducts screening of children with learning disabilities and provides parents with information about how to follow-up with specialists, if required. Apart from this, she provides remedial tuition to students in higher grades. Shahina also conducts workshops on different aspects of learning difficulties encountered by children. She coordinated a four-month program with preschoolers from Kiran School System, Lyari, from August, 2013, to January 2014.

Since September, this year, Shahina is a visiting professor at the Ziauddin College of Speech Language Therapy, Karachi, teaching the students about learning difficulties.

Mona Qaiser

Mona Qaiser


A Remedial Therapist and Director of R.E.A.Dyslexics (Pvt) Ltd. She is one of the course leaders for the READ Diploma Course. She also carries out Educational Evaluations for children with learning difficulties and conducts workshops for teachers and students

Mona has completed the Orton Gillingham Associate Level Course in June & July, 2014, in Boston, USA.

Fathma Naqvi

Fathma Naqvi

Has a Masters in English Literature and a Diploma holder of the Read Hornsby Course.

She has been teaching English language to remedial and non remedial students for the past 15 years She is mainly teaching higher grade students from grade 7 to O'Levels. She also teaches in groups as well as on a one-on-one basis.

Fathma Naqvi is one of the three course leaders for the Read Diploma Course.

Rabbiya Abdul Rehman

Rabbiya Abdul Rehman


M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Bahria University, Karachi, she has spent a couple of years working as a therapist and clinical psychologist in a range of environments. This includes working with young people who had experienced some form of trauma and who were displaying behavioral difficulties. Interventions include couselling, behaviour modification, psycho-educational evaluations, and psychotherapy for a varied clientele.

Azmat Abbas

Azmat Abbas

Remedial Teacher

Azmat Abbas completed the READ Hornsby Diploma Course in 2003, and joined READ as a remedial teacher teaching children with learning difficulties on a one-to-one basis. She has conducted workshops to train teachers at schools and at our institute. She has also conducted some sessions of the READ Diploma Course.

 “Teaching children with learning difficulties has changed my outlook on life completely”, says Azmat.

Nida Alvi

Nida Alvi

Nida   Alvi  is  a professionally  trained  Remedial  tutor  working for the past  ten  years at our institute.      She is also  one  of  the  Directors  in the  Company. Nida  did  a term  of  teaching  at  one of  the  well known  schools  where  a Resource  Centre  was  set  up  by  the  institute.  Other  than  that  she  has  conducted  workshops  on  “Subskills “  and  “Creative  Writing”   for  teachers . Nida  was the  first  person  to be  nominated  from the  Institute  by  the  US State  Department, for  The  International  Visitors  Leadership  Program  . She participated  in Seminars  on Disability Rights  and  Issues.

Mehreen Khalid

Mehreen Khalid

A qualified psychologist skilled in carrying out research, conducting various psychometric testing/assessments, psychotherapy, counseling, management, and resolving conflicts. 




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