READ is providing remedial help at Schools

When READ started offering its services to LD children, most of the teaching was done in the mornings and at schools. But later, after school remediation became more popular among parents.

But the remedial teachers always felt that the children were tired after school and providing help within the school system would benefit both the child and the parent. Keeping this in mind, READ continued its endeavors to persuade schools to offer remediation during school hours.

Finally, remedial help is now available within the school system. READ has been providing help to LD children during school hours at Haque Academy, Bay View Academy and the AMI school. This service has proved to be child friendly. The children are taken out of class for 45 minutes and taught mostly in a group of two or three. The advantage of this kind of service is that it reduces the stress of after school remediation. Moreover, the class teacher is in touch with the remedial tutor to handle any literacy issues which may arise from time to time.

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