READ Services

We provide a range of Services. Numerous workshops are conducted at schools or at READ

Since dyslexic children do not respond to conventional language learning instructions, R.E.A.Dyslexics has designed a comprehensive tutorial-based program that is especially tailored to suit the needs of a particular child. At R.E.A.Dyslexics, three leading language learning (remedial) programs have been integrated over the years to form the READ PROGRAM . It is a blend of two US-¬based programs, the Orton-Gillingham and the Harvard Laboratory, and the British Hickey Program. Besides addressing the academic aspects, it relies on the therapeutic tutor/pupil rapport. It also develops the child’s personality resulting in improved self-esteem, self-confidence and self-directed learning.

It consists of four months of training and thirty-six hours of teaching. After a month and a half down the course, the trainees, will test a child to figure out an entry point and, based on his/her strengths and weaknesses, develop a lesson plan for the child.

The testing will be done under the supervision of the concerned course leader. Each student’s teaching will be monitored and she will be guided with the kind of teaching strategies required by the child. Theoretical knowledge will be imparted to match the kind of practical teaching being carried out by the trainee. The trainees will be graded on each component that they have mastered. 

  • History of the child from birth to the present.
  • Finding out the child’s spelling age, vocabulary (prior knowledge) phonic skills, letter sequence and recognition.
  • Recognition of colours, shapes and body parts.

A verbal feedback is given to the parents that may include an Educational Evaluation or an Psycho Educational Evaluation. But if the child is a non-starter, he/she cannot be tested and can start remediation with immediate effect.

This entire screening process takes more than 60 minutes.